Are you worried about the stretch marks around your breast? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. As your pregnancy progresses and your whole body starts expanding, your breasts become bigger and your stomach and hips expand, so when your baby is finally born you will notice that your body is covered with stretch marks. This happens because your body went from an expanding size to the normal size. You would have stretch marks on your hips, legs, stomach and even your breasts but don’t worry, you can prevent this by following a few simple steps.

  1. Stay hydrated

The best way to avoid stretch marks is by making sure that your skin remains hydrated at all times. Drink lots of water every day and avoid any dehydrating food or drinks. A hydrated skin will prevent the development of stretch marks and will keep your skin smooth and glowing at all times.

  1. Use lotions and oils

Another great way to ensure that your skin remains hydrated and devoid of any stretch marks is by applying lotions, and creams and moisturizers and oils. Massage your skin every day with a healthy dose of moisturizer or oil. In fact, you can use creams which are rich in Vitamin E or A, as they tend to improve the circulation and can prevent stretch marks by making your skin supple and hydrated. Since stretch mark occurs due to a lot of itching and dry skin, it is a great way to ensure that your skin always remains supple and smooth.

  1. Maintain your diet

Avoid fatty junk foods and eat only those foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals. Fatty junk foods will make you fat without providing any good nutrients and are completely useless for your body. So make sure you take food which is rich in water and nutrients so that they provide the adequate nourishment to your body and skin. Also, it is a myth that you have to eat for two people. Make sure that you have enough calories to provide energy to both your baby and you but don’t overeat stuff.

  1. Exercise

Another great way to prevent stretch marks is by exercising regularly. Exercising would help you in keeping your weight gain to a minimum and will prevent you from bloating in just a few days which is the most common reason for stretch marks.  We advise you to go for jogging every morning, if you are taking your baby with you, please read jogging stroller reviews. You don’t have to perform any overly complicated exercise, just exercise normally to improve the circulation and for your skin’s elasticity.

  1. Surgery

If none of these tips work, don’t worry there are several means to get it removed. Once you are no longer pregnant and you really want to get rid of these stretch marks then you can get either the prescription creams or you can get a surgery done to remove these stretch marks. Just keep in mind that the surgery and other treatments won’t be able to completely remove it, but it would certainly fade from a red shade to a silvery white one. You can also try the laser treatment to get rid of the marks, but remember these are just post pregnancy steps.