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Although the website is already on the scene for about four years, we are still searching ways to make the blog bigger and better. On the one hand my goal is to make Antwerpen Streetstyle the ultimate guide for both tourists and locals. On the other hand it is the perfect medium for improving my photography and writing skills. Starting the blog was definitely the best idea I have ever had.

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I’m the Ginger of the three and with only 18 summers behind me also the youngest one. I started writing for the blog in the summer of 2011 after I had met Helen through a mutual friend. For me it is important that we show people in their daily environment instead of focusing on what happens on the runway. Besides that, Antwerp is an incredible and diverse city that deserves to be put on the map as ‘the new place to be’.

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Helen is my twin sister, so I was involved with Antwerpen Streetstyle from the beginning. I helped by checking texts and pointing out well-dressed people on the street before I finally got the courage to approach these people myself. Antwerpen Streetstyle has become an independent reference for everything that is going on in Antwerp and exposes the city’s creativity and versatility.

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You can also contact us via email antwerpenstreetstyle@mail.com or via the form below.

12 thoughts on “About us

  1. Jullie hebben echt een leuke blog! Tof om zo veel verschillende mensen en outfits te zien in mijn favoriete stad ;)! Keep on the good work ;) x

  2. Ik wil dt ook op Tumblr zien! Zoveel gemakkelijker om te volgen.
    But in the meantime, zal ik dit maar toevoegen aan mijn favorieten ;)

    Love it dat ik fashion hier in Antwerpen kan zien! <3

  3. Love your blog!

    Giving me a lot of ideas for what will end up being an expensive shopping spree!

    I have not been to Antwerp for years…time for a visit I think ;D


  4. Well done girls! I love that you’re trying to emulate the Sartorialist.

    Don’t worry too much about your English because photography was never intended to be about that. There will always be petulant people who pick faults! Keep doing your thing and I look forward to visiting the blog again.

    • Bedankt, Shahzad. Nog een beetje meer oefenen op je Nederlands en dat komt vast in orde. We kunnen je in ieder geval al goed begrijpen :-)

  5. Werd vandaag door één van jullie benaderd voor een foto, en nu ik de blog bekijk moet ik zeggen, top ! Leuk om een keer in eigen stad terecht te kunnen voor inspiratie :)

    • Merci Mohammed! Wij zijn altijd heel erg blij als we weer iemand hebben geïnspireerd met onze blog :-)

  6. Superleuke blog én dan nog wel over de stad waarin ik bijna dagelijks vertoef!
    Ik zal jullie zeker en vast aan m’n blogroll toevoegen!


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