How did you end up as a member of Antwerpen Streetstyle?

I was already there from the beginning, but only in the background correcting texts. In 2011 I decided to try making street style photos as well and then it really took off.

What was your most important role?

I did a big chunk of the computer stuff: keeping the lay-out looking fresh, answering emails and setting up social media accounts. I kept on editing all the texts on the blog, too.

What do you think about the evolution of the blog?

It is incredible to think that something so small has really grown to make (a tiny yet real) impact on people who have read our blog. You can obviously see that our photography has improved so much and we have really turned into experts within our field of street fashion and Antwerp hotspots.

What were the things you liked doing best?

I probably liked best to think out new ideas and put them in practice – although a lot of our good plans did not become reality because of a lack of time and other priorities. Searching for the right people to photograph certainly was not my favourite part, although going home with a bunch of great shots always felt like a great accomplishment.

What was the most exciting moment you experienced with the blog?

Flying in a helicopter over Antwerp thanks to Eastpak and pr-agency Listen Up was an amazing and unique experience. A close second comes the Tim Van Steenbergen fashion show in the city hall, which was magnificent.

How do you feel now the end of the blog is near?

Endings are often a bit sad because you have to start living in a new way, find new habits, and think differently. Yet, I am most of all very grateful for the last few years and looking forward to starting a new blog adventure. Since I am graduating next month, the blog finishes together with my student life so it simply is the best possible time to begin a new chapter.

Do you still have some blogging plans for the future?

Helen and I will be starting a new blog in a few months’ time. We will concentrate on self-development and lifestyle, all from the perspective of two girls in their twenties. We want to give tips about things which are achievable and which we think are important.

Will you still write about Antwerp?

Of course I will! I am still a local for This Is Antwerp which means that I write for their blog and make the street style photography for the magazine. On our new blog, Helen and I will keep on including posts about our city (we just love it too much!).

How has the blog changed your life?

First of all, I have become more self-confident thanks to the blog. Taking photographs of strangers and networking at blogger events have been big challenges for me in which I have become better over the years. Antwerpen Streetstyle has put me in contact with so many interesting people, which in turn led to such fascinating opportunities. I even organized an entire city tour for 30 people in Antwerp this year! The blog was a place to practice my writing and photography, where I could cultivate my organisation talent, and learned that I can actually be a (clumsy) social butterfly.

Can you describe your time for Antwerpen Streetstyle in a few words?

My coming-of-age story!