How did you become a member of the Antwerpen Streetstyle team?

It was at the birthday party of a mutual friend that I met Helen for the first time. A friend introduced us and it was an instant match.

How was the relationship between you and the other girls?

Honestly, I couldn’t have imagined a more pleasant team to work with. The twins have always been very understanding if I had to be absent for a while. And besides that we were a crazy trio with some incredible ideas. No mountain was high enough for us!

Do you remember your first streetstyle picture ever taken? How was it like?

The first year that I worked for AS I still had a little digital camera. This didn’t look very professional so people wouldn’t take me seriously. ‘My reflex camera is broken’ was the first thing I would say after a while. The first picture I took was of my brother and his best friend… I never told Helen that. When I look back at that post, I realize how long a way I came.

Which blogpost was your favorite?

‘Swiss cheese’. A picture I took of my Swiss friend Yves. First of all for personal reasons as it was taken a the end of an incredible day and he is the best dressed man I know. Secondly because of the comments on that picture: ‘I’d tap that’. If you wrote this, thank you, you made my day then!

What was the coolest thing you did for the blog?

Probably the documentary of Antwerp for the international TV chain Fashion One.

How difficult was it to combine blogging with schoolwork?

When I was still in high school it was very easy. I would spend afternoons wandering around in the city looking for a picture. However, now that I am studying at the Conservatory of Antwerp, I couldn’t manage combining both. Which I regretted a lot but it also made me realize that I was in need of a fresh breath of air.

Do you feel regrets now the blog stops?

Of course it brings heartache along, but I don’t regret it. Our blog had its best time. I think we can be very proud of ourselves as we were always considered the underdog between all the “personal bloggers”. But seriously kicked some ass. I mean, we were nominated for the Knack Blogger Awards! Not a lot of blogs can say that.

How has the blog changed your life?

In the beginning it made me realize that age is only a number. I was only 15 when I started blogging, but I was taken seriously despite my age. At 16 I had a large network of people and was capable of working together with PR agencies, ELLE magazine and This is Antwerp. I don’t think a lot of teenagers can say that. Antwerpen Streetsyle widened my horizon.

What does Antwerp mean to you?


What are your future plans?

For now my life will consist of school and travelling as much as possible. I will spend more time writing for This Is Antwerp and there is an exciting project on its way. But we (AS) will share that with you soon.