When did you become a member of Antwerpen Streetstyle and why?

I became a member in September 2014, because I wanted to start blogging on a new level and I felt like Antwerpen Streetstyle was the right place for that. I simply sent them an e-mail, asking if they could use any help. Before I realized it, I was one of their regular bloggers! My love for Antwerp, my hometown, also played a big role in my choice to join the team.

What was your first experience with the blog?

Every month, our blog has a guestblogger who introduces themself through 4-5 blogposts. I also started as a guestblogger, a really fun way to show you guys Antwerp from my perspective.

What were your best moments with the blog?

I really liked it when we got invited to Dries Van Noten’s exposition at the MoMu. Together with a small group of other bloggers, we were able to explore the exposition with a personal guide. It was really cool and interesting to hear the stories behind all the pieces.

How was it like to work with Lara, Tine and Helen?

Lara, Helen and Tine are really cool chicks who know the best spots in Antwerp. I’m really grateful they gave me the opportunity to join their team, because I’ve learned a lot -from communication with brands/partners, to promoting all over the internet. I bet we will keep running into each other at local parties/while shopping!

What did you learn in the year you’ve been blogging for Antwerpen Streetstyle?

I’ve learned that it’s really hard to keep a popular blog going, and that you really need to find the right balance between school, work and blogging. Of course I didn’t mind, because I got a lot out of it, too. I’ve met a lot of cool people, got to know my own city even better, and got to visit some amazing places.

How did you combine blogging with schoolwork?

During the year, it wasn’t too hard to combine both. When I’m not in school, I like to go outside. Finding inspiration wasn’t hard, I just went places and kept my eyes open. During exams, thing always got a bit harder and I really needed to focus on school during those periods. But I always knew my spot at AS was still available.

Do you still want to blog in the future?

Yes! I’m thinking about starting a personal blog about anything that interests me; from lifestyle, to food and music, to fashion. Even though the project is still ‘on hold’, because of the exams which are coming, I will definitely work on it this summer.

What will your new blog be about?

As you may have noticed, I’m really into urban style. This will be the theme for my blog, but of course that’s not all. I really like travelling and I have been on a lot of citytrips, so I will also document those on The Blog (it doesn’t have a name yet).

Will you work with the other girls in the future?

Duhh! As I said before, I always run into Helen and Tine, so we will definitely stay updated on each others lifes. They are actually working on something big right now (I won’t reveal any details yet) and they know they can always hit me up if they need a helping hand!

Which blogging advice do you want to give the readers?

Stay yourself, keep your eyes open, and don’t just go with the flow. People constantly want something new, try to discover new trends, places and hypes!