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Our last goodbyes part IV: Helen

How does it feel to end the blog you have started? 

To tell you the truth, it feels quite good. I think we made the best of it and I feel very proud of what the blog has become.
Imagine, I was only 16 years old and very naive when I started the blog. I’d never thought that we would become so big.

Was it something you thought about for a long time?

I already thought about it last summer. I just felt like it was time to move on. Tine and I are working on something big now and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

How was it to work with the other girls?

I couldn’t be happier with those girls. They had their own personality and input and that’s something I’ve always appreciated. We will still work together in the future and I already look forward to it.

What was it like taking your first street style pictures?

It was really exciting and a bit scary. All the people we took pictures of had their own big personality and that was very impressive for a young girl like me. But of course, I got used to it and nowadays I don’t even think before I speak to someone. I just automatically say: “Hey, I like your look. Can I take a picture of you for my blog?”. You know, even now that we won’t take pictures on the street anymore, I can’t help but think ‘that girl or that boy would look good on our blog’ when someone passes me by.

Have you ever had a bad experience with taking pictures?

Not many, but sometimes people don’t want me to take their picture because they think they don’t look good. One time a girl said no because she didn’t ‘believe’ in blogs. But most of the time, people were just very flattered!

What’s your favorite picture of all time?

‘Nameless beauty‘

What have you learned in these six years?

A lot, but just to name a few:
If you’re not on social media, you don’t exist.
If you want something, don’t be afraid to just ask.
& maybe it’s cheesy to say this, but dreams can come true if you work for it.

What are your future plans?

The AS Team will work on a project for a big international brand. We will tell you more about it soon. And Tine and I will start a new blog, which is very exciting and something to look forward to.

What are your goals for your new blog?

Our target group will be a lot smaller than that of Antwerpen Streetstyle because we will be writing in our mother tongue Dutch. I just hope people will smile when they read our posts and feel inspired to do something with their lives!

What does Antwerp mean to you?

Antwerp is the town I always rediscover as one of the most beautiful cities I know.

Our last goodbyes part III: Tine

How did you end up as a member of Antwerpen Streetstyle?

I was already there from the beginning, but only in the background correcting texts. In 2011 I decided to try making street style photos as well and then it really took off.

What was your most important role?

I did a big chunk of the computer stuff: keeping the layout looking fresh, answering emails and setting up social media accounts. I kept on editing all the texts on the blog, too.

What do you think about the evolution of the blog?

It is incredible to think that something so small has really grown to make (a tiny yet real) impact on people who have read our blog. You can obviously see that our photography has improved so much and we have really turned into experts within our field of street fashion and Antwerp hotspots.

What were the things you liked doing best?

I probably liked best to think out new ideas and put them in practice – although a lot of our good plans did not become reality because of a lack of time and other priorities. Searching for the right people to photograph certainly was not my favorite part, although going home with a bunch of great shots always felt like a great accomplishment.

What was the most exciting moment you experienced with the blog?

Flying in a helicopter over Antwerp thanks to Eastpak and pr-agency Listen Up was an amazing and unique experience. A close second comes the Tim Van Steenbergen fashion show in the city hall, which was magnificent.

How do you feel now the end of the blog is near?

Endings are often a bit sad because you have to start living in a new way, find new habits, and think differently. Yet, I am most of all very grateful for the last few years and looking forward to starting a new blog adventure. Since I am graduating next month, the blog finishes together with my student life so it simply is the best possible time to begin a new chapter.

Do you still have some blogging plans for the future?

Helen and I will be starting a new blog in a few months’ time. We will concentrate on self-development and lifestyle, all from the perspective of two girls in their twenties. We want to give tips about things which are achievable and which we think are important.

Will you still write about Antwerp?

Of course, I will! I am still local for This Is Antwerp which means that I write for their blog and make the street style photography for the magazine. On our new blog, Helen and I will keep on including posts about our city (we just love it too much!).

How has the blog changed your life?

First of all, I have become more self-confident thanks to the blog. Taking photographs of strangers and networking at blogger events have been big challenges for me in which I have become better over the years. Antwerpen Streetstyle has put me in contact with so many interesting people, which in turn led to such fascinating opportunities. I even organized an entire city tour for 30 people in Antwerp this year! The blog was a place to practice my writing and photography, where I could cultivate my organization talent, and learned that I can actually be a (clumsy) social butterfly.

Can you describe your time for Antwerpen Streetstyle in a few words?

My coming-of-age story!

Our Last Goodbyes Part II : Lara

How did you become a member of the Antwerpen Streetstyle team?

It was at the birthday party of a mutual friend that I met Helen for the first time. A friend introduced us and it was an instant match.

How was the relationship between you and the other girls?

Honestly, I couldn’t have imagined a more pleasant team to work with. The twins have always been very understanding if I had to be absent for a while. And besides that, we were a crazy trio with some incredible ideas. No mountain was high enough for us!

Do you remember your first street style picture ever taken? How was it like?

The first year that I worked for AS I still had a little digital camera. This didn’t look very professional so people wouldn’t take me seriously. ‘My reflex camera is broken’ was the first thing I would say after a while. The first picture I took was of my brother and his best friend… I never told Helen that. When I look back at that post, I realize how long a way I came.

Which blog post was your favorite?

‘Swiss cheese’. A picture I took of my Swiss friend Yves. First of all for personal reasons as it was taken a the end of an incredible day and he is the best-dressed man I know. Secondly because of the comments on that picture: ‘I’d tap that’. If you wrote this, thank you, you made my day then!

What was the coolest thing you did for the blog?

Probably the documentary of Antwerp for the international TV chain Fashion One.

How difficult was it to combine blogging with schoolwork?

When I was still in high school it was very easy. I would spend afternoons wandering around in the city looking for a picture. However, now that I am studying at the Conservatory of Antwerp, I couldn’t manage to combine both. Which I regretted a lot but it also made me realize that I was in need of a fresh breath of air.

Do you feel regrets now the blog stops?

Of course, it brings heartache along, but I don’t regret it. Our blog had its best time. I think we can be very proud of ourselves as we were always considered the underdog between all the “personal bloggers”. But seriously kicked some ass. I mean, we were nominated for the Knack Blogger Awards! Not a lot of blogs can say that.

How has the blog changed your life?

In the beginning, it made me realize that age is only a number. I was only 15 when I started blogging, but I was taken seriously despite my age. At 16 I had a large network of people and was capable of working together with PR agencies, ELLE magazine and This is Antwerp. I don’t think a lot of teenagers can say that. Antwerpen Streetsyle widened my horizon.

What does Antwerp mean to you?


What are your future plans?

For now, my life will consist of school and travel as much as possible. I will spend more time writing for This Is Antwerp and there is an exciting project on its way. But we (AS) will share that with you soon.

Our Last Goodbyes Part I : Dagou

When did you become a member of Antwerpen Streetstyle and why?

I became a member in September 2014, because I wanted to start blogging on a new level and I felt like Antwerpen Streetstyle was the right place for that. I simply sent them an e-mail, asking if they could use any help. Before I realized it, I was one of their regular bloggers! My love for Antwerp, my hometown, also played a big role in my choice to join the team.

What was your first experience with the blog?

Every month, our blog has a guest blogger who introduces themselves through 4-5 blogposts. I also started as a guest blogger, a really fun way to show you guys Antwerp from my perspective.

What were your best moments with the blog?

I really liked it when we got invited to Dries Van Noten’s exposition at the MoMu. Together with a small group of other bloggers, we were able to explore the exposition with a personal guide. It was really cool and interesting to hear the stories behind all the pieces.

How was it like to work with Lara, Tine, and Helen?

Lara, Helen, and Tine are really cool chicks who know the best spots in Antwerp. I’m really grateful they gave me the opportunity to join their team because I’ve learned a lot -from communication with brands/partners to promoting all over the internet. I bet we will keep running into each other at local parties/while shopping!

What did you learn in the year you’ve been blogging for Antwerpen Streetstyle?

I’ve learned that it’s really hard to keep a popular blog going, and that you really need to find the right balance between school, work and blogging. Of course I didn’t mind, because I got a lot out of it, too. I’ve met a lot of cool people, got to know my own city even better, and got to visit some amazing places.

How did you combine blogging with schoolwork?

During the year, it wasn’t too hard to combine both. When I’m not in school, I like to go outside. Finding inspiration wasn’t hard, I just went places and kept my eyes open. During exams, thing always got a bit harder and I really needed to focus on school during those periods. But I always knew my spot at AS was still available.

Do you still want to blog in the future?

Yes! I’m thinking about starting a personal blog about anything that interests me; from lifestyle to food and music, to fashion. Even though the project is still ‘on hold’, because of the exams which are coming, I will definitely work on it this summer.

What will your new blog be about?

As you may have noticed, I’m really into urban style. This will be the theme for my blog, but of course, that’s not all. I really like traveling and I have been on a lot of city trips, so I will also document those on The Blog (it doesn’t have a name yet).

Will you work with the other girls in the future?

Duhh! As I said before, I always run into Helen and Tine, so we will definitely stay updated on each others lives. They are actually working on something big right now (I won’t reveal any details yet) and they know they can always hit me up if they need a helping hand!

Which blogging advice do you want to give the readers?

Stay yourself, keep your eyes open, and don’t just go with the flow. People constantly want something new, try to discover new trends, places, and hypes!