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Antwerp Fashion Festival

In Antwerp great events always turn out into even greater events. First, we had Laundry Day, the national holiday of  Kammenstraat. Now, 10 years later, Laundry Day is a huge festival with at least 100 dance artists from all over the world. Now that took place last weekend.
This weekend we’ll see another event that is becoming bigger and bigger: what started with one Antwerp Fashion Night has now become a real Antwerp Fashion FESTIVAL!


AFF will take place on Friday and Saturday and will end with an afterparty in Magic (invitation only). Almost every store in Antwerp will participate and will stay open later. And you cannot only shop longer but also cheaper because the shops will lure you with great discounts! Noa Noa gives you 5%, BeOriginal 10%, and Cos gives you even 20%! Every shop has its own planning. There will be a lot of music: in Fish&Chips you can show your own DJ-skills and Public Image invites DJs LVRZ and Haunted VIP. Many presents will be coming your way as well. What do you think about free feather extensions at Jutka & Riska? Or maybe you’re more into a free shopping bag from Zadig & Voltaire? So even when you don’t buy anything at all, you will not go home empty-handed.

Shopping is not the only thing on the programme of AFF. The AFF team has organized great fashion workshops and fun activities. For example:

° Friday from 5 pm until 10 pm you can participate in the Instacontest. Make pictures with the Instagram app (hashtag #Antwerpfashionfestival) of everything you like during AFF.
° Feeling thirsty? Go to the pop-up champagne bar at komedieplaats!
° With the workshop Latest Fashion Trends you can discover the new trends for winter 2014.
° Blogger Alien from Dogs & Dresses organizes a Bloggers Closet Sale.

So you see, there is no excuse not to come. You HAVE to go! Still not convinced? Lara, Tine and I will be there too and yes, of course, we will have our cameras with us.

Be fashionable and see you then!

The End Of An Era

You may have noticed that there wasn’t much going on lately on the blog. That had a reason. Because after almost six years the other girls and I have decided to end Antwerpen Streetstyle.

I don’t think that this is quite a shocker. Because if you think about it, it is quite logical: Tine and me are going to graduate this June, Lara already stopped because she had too much schoolwork to do and our junior Dagou was actually a bit too urban for our blog (no offense, babe 😉 ).

We have thought this through very well. I already told Tine in September, before my departure to Paris, that I didn’t feel like blogging anymore for Antwerpen Streetstyle.  It was our five year anniversary at that time and I really felt like we had opened every door and had taken every opportunity to the blog. There were no goals anymore. We felt it was time for something new.

Our last blog posts will be up this week in which we will explain our future (blogging) plans. So don’t panic, you still will be hearing from us 🙂.

We want to thank first of all our readers, of whom some were already following us from in the beginning. Thank you for liking our pictures and using our weekend tips. We always enjoyed helping you out to get the best out of Antwerp – be it as a tourist or a local. We also want to thank everyone who has worked on the blog in all these years: Janti, Anja, Anaïs, Karlijne, and all our guest bloggers. Also big up to all the PR people who gave us a few of the unique experiences in our lives! Thank you all.

Antwerp Kisses,

The AS Team
Helen Van den Poel De Clippeleire
Tine Van den Poel De Clippeleire
Lara Richir
Dagou Touré