Gift Guide: 5 DIY for the holidays


Our first part of our gift guide 2012 are five easy DIY’s that are super fun to do.
Your family will be blown away by your homemade presents !

papa's iphone
A warm sleeve for your dad’s iPhone from Poppytalk


A fun clutch for your mum’s nights out from Dismount Creative.

de broer zen poster

A personalised poster for your brother’s apartment from A Beautiful Mess.

Zus haar letters

A Marquee sign of her favorite word for your  sister’s room from Oh Happy Day.

De kleine zijn knuffels

A cute stuff toyed for the little one’s collection from A beautiful Mess.

One thought on “Gift Guide: 5 DIY for the holidays

  1. This one’s my favorite cause it got me thinking about being more creative for presents instead of just throwing in a fair amount of cash.
    (And that led me to making my own advent calendars as presents)

    #Ritualsforthewin! Zensation is my fav scent!

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