Events: Cinderella

Yesterday I went to the avant-première of Cinderella, the dance performance by Let’s Go Urban that gives the answer to what happens after “happily ever after”. Even for Cinderella and her prince eternal happiness is difficult to attain, which leads to an expressive choreography that is suitable for everyone.  The show consists of modern dance on an urban fundament, spiced with a lot of humor. Sometimes the movements are not entirely fluent, especially in the scene when Cinderella falls in love with the prince, but most of the time it is a beautiful mixture of grace and street dance.

The dance group consists of a couple of young men, among who the lead dancer, and one woman who obviously plays Cinderella. There is a lot of chemistry between the dancers: in particular the two lead actors created a very intimate atmosphere that got the audience a bit uncomfortable watching the bed scene, though that embarrassment was probably more a result of the see-through catsuit Cinderella was wearing during the scene. Luckily she puts on a dress shortly after, which is important because clothes play a role in depicting the couple’s state of mind. Shoes are unsurprisingly the key motive that reaches a climax at the end of the dance performance.

A note about the music then: I noticed a lot of post-dubstep and minimalistic R&B, which suited Cinderella magnificently. I have to include a little warning, however, about the scene telling about the downfall of the happy couple. This scene was accompanied by some really hardcore dubstep, so the people with heart problems or an allergy for modern music, be careful! Seriously: expect for that little shocker to keep the audience alert, the music is never too dominating.

The choreography perfectly expressed the story and emotions of the characters: Cinderella is repeatedly tossed around like a ball to expose her folly – or worse later on. The side dancers are like Jiminy Cricket and the devil in one, consoling the prince and helping the couple choose what is right and wrong to do. It is clear that the whole crew is talented and has an amazing physique: giving all you got for an entire hour, that is almost Olympic. Comparing this performance with dance programs like ABDC or The Ultimate Dance Battle is impossible, because this show cannot be put in just one dance genre. The versatility is definitely a plus point, Cinderella is fascinating to watch from start to end.

Conclusion: Cinderella is a contemporary dance show that is fit for a wide audience and therefore perfect for Zomer van Antwerpen.

Cinderella August 1-5 and 8-12, Sloepenweg 2030 Antwerpen (Antwerp North, at the end of Rijnkaai). Free entrance!

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