Fantastic Friday: Cycle Chic

As I have told you earlier, I was one of the models for the first bicycle catwalk show in Antwerp, organised by Cycle Chic Belgium. It was very nice to meet fellow bike fanatics: there were two pairs with a tandem and two men had built their own bicycles! The most extraordinary bicycle, however, was the becak, which is an Indonesian bike taxi. Although I was a bit worried about the waiting before the show began, thanks to the great organisation the moment to ascend the stage was there in no time. Bravo to Katherine of Stad Antwerpen and Benedicte of Cycle Chic/Bond Beter Leefmilieu! I really felt like I was a contestant of a beauty contest because my hair and make-up were so glamorous (thanks to Sabine Peeters, who blogs too, and two other great visagists). Stylist Linda Van Waesberge put us all in vintage loveliness with the help of Kathleen Werckx for the second round. Of course Linda did brilliantly: I really wished I could take the pink polo (Jutka & Riska) and green skirt/shorts home with me. It was a long but satisfying day. And this catwalk show has a funny consequence: I now have a huge picture of me and my bike Oslo on a placard!

Rad styling as I said!

Behind the scenes:

First two pictures by Helen, last two by Linda Van Waesberge via De Standaard. More photos on Belmodo and De wereld van morgen.

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