July 16 – July 22

– Go to a gig: On the 22nd Blackie and the Oohoos, two musical sisters and their band, play for free at Krugerplein in Borgerhout thanks to Muziek in de Wijk. The main act is the Brazilian artist Silvério Pessoa. Full Muziek in de Wijk program here.

– Celebrate The Public Image’s reopening/1st anniversary: The Public Image used to be a small store with cool T-shirts at Steenhouwersvest, but will soon be a bigger store at Wijngaardstraat. So that calls for a chic reception with thrilling after-party (€6/€8). Check out Steve and Charlie for free duo tickets!

– Have a picknick: A romantic lunch with your love or a fun get-together with friends: at the end of the week the weather will clear up, so you can have a picknick! Park Spoor Noord is a perfect location, but other parks are fine too. You can also lay your checkered blanket down at the Kaaien so you can look over the Scheldt while lunching.

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