Fanastic Friday: Company Magazine

You have probably read the news already on our Facebook or Twitter: Antwerpen Streetstyle is featured in the August edition of Company Magazine! How did we end up in this British magazine full of vibrant fashion style, printed on the most exquisite paper (get your own copy, I assure you that the pages feel like drawing sheets!). Well, we have had our own fairy godmother in the form of Elien of Dogs and Dresses. When Company offered her the amazing opportunity to fill a page about the best sides of Antwerp, she had too little time to take her own streetstyle pictures so Elien selected three favourite looks on our website and this way the puzzle fell into place.

From left to right: Immi of Style for Guys, Angelique, Paulien of Polienne, Lauwri and Sofie & Sara.

Company Magazine (August 2012), for only €4,38 at IMS Stadsfeestzaal and Melkmarkt.

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