Window shopping at Chanel

Anina en Merel | Antwerpen Streetstyle
Merel and Anina were visiting Antwerp and they were charmed by the Chanel store at Schuttershofstraat 12, which has only been there for a few months.

Fun fact: immediately after I photographed this beautiful mother-daughter duo, another photographer snooped in to snap some shots too.

BOHO Amsterdam

BOHO | Antwerpen StreetstyleBOHO | Antwerpen StreetstyleBOHO Amsterdam is a webshop from the Netherlands that sells the ideal mix of girly stuff and cool citywear. The collection is not huge, but it is fun, versatile and affordable.
You can notice that BOHO Amsterdam is run by people who make a selection that they would actually wear – which is a nice alternative for the impersonal mega webstores.

BOHO | Antwerpen Streetstyle

BOHO | Antwerpen Streetstyle

BOHO | Antwerpen Streetstyle

We had a blast with our gorgeous young model Zohra in the most impressive house I have ever been. Just as BOHO Amsterdam, Antwerpen Streetstyle is not for one type of girl/guy.
Aren’t we all influenced by so many passions and experiences? Antwerp is always our main inspiration, mixed here with Dagou’s ghetto style and some divine inspiration.

The T-shirt by the French streetbrand Sixth June is still limitedly available on BOHO Amsterdam, but 1 lucky reader can win this cool asymmetrical tee (worth €35 f.y.i.) in size small.

Win this T-shirt with thanks to BOHO Amsterdam:

1. Like us on Facebook
2. Tell us in the comments what your biggest style influences are.

You can also find BOHO Amsterdam on Facebook and other social media to stay updated. This competition runs until Sunday 9 November. The winner will be announced the next day.

Shop at BOHO Amsterdam with a 15% discount: use the code ANTWERPENSTREETSTYLE15.
BOHO | Antwerpen Streetstyle

Win a gentlemen workshop with Chivas

Are you a gentleman? Or do you know a guy who can use a couple of etiquette lessons? Then Chivas has designed just the right workshop for you!

The whisky house introduces its new blend Chivas Regal Extra by giving 50 Belgian men a workshop on how to become a real gentleman genre James Bond. Every aspect will be covered: manners, talking the talk, how to wear a suit, and of course how to enjoy a glass of scotch. The teachers are representatives from the School for Butlers and Hospitality, suit specialist Scabal and Chivas. Afterwards you are treated to delicious food and even more whisky.


My boyfriend and I took part in the workshop for the press and we can honestly say that we learned so many useful tips such as the features of a tailor-made suit and a whole lot of modern chivalry. Especially having the chance to taste the Chivas Regal 25 (worth more than €200) was a very special experience – and yes, it tasted amazing. The workshop is well put together and the general atmosphere was jolly. I think that the whisky tasting only had a small influence on that ;).

Important for you all is of course that the Dutch edition will take place in Antwerp at Umami.

So men: go to, take the small quiz and hopefully you are selected for the workshop and the pampering! You can put someone else in the competition too, so this is also a hint for all the ladies who think their partner/brother/father/friend can use a bit of help from the professionals.

Good luck!


At some point people with a certain amount of tattoos always go from being ‘someone with a tattoo’ to ‘a tattooed person’. It’s not just wordplay. It’s more than that. 

Though I can still hide mine pretty well, I do believe the attention for them is slowly growingMy tattoos grow on me more and more each day, but I’m always a bit jealous of people who have all their ink nicely coordinated in the same style. Mine sometimes look more like a stickerbook… Although the randomness absolutely is part of who I am.

   foto 4

Having visible tattoos forces you to cope with the (sometimes unfiltered) reactions of friends, foes and yes, complete strangers. Wether you are at a coffeebaryourlocal supermarket or some random party - some people will stare, comment or even touch your inked skin. It’s a pretty strange kind of attention, but I do believe you should be dealing with it in a positive way. 

foto 1

You’ve probably heard this before… But to me tattoos are some kind of addiction. I love the smell, the sound, the lingering pain. And I love how I keep on re-discovering them. Because after a while… almost always forget that they’re there.

Just because I hàve tattoos, I often get the question if I know any ‘good tattoo-artists’. Of course there are many, and of course Antwerp has a bunch of ‘em. I‘m just going to share my personal favorites with you, since HAVING tattoos doesn’t make you an expert. 

So here’s me telling you to check out Warren Morissens. I’m still madly in love with my latest additions. It’s a style I would like to continue in the future. He made me an awesome (dead) bird and a full moon on which I still get loads of compliments

foto 3

I’ve been carrying my other bird (call me obsessed) around for a few years now. I didn’t get this particular one in Antwerp… but I don’t love it any less. Last week did however receive the happy news that they will be opening a shop in Antwerp very soon! Pirate Piercing – run by Anna Paland and her hubby – will be born in Antwerp on the 15th of november. Pay em a visit for to get advice, jewelry or even a laser appointment. 

foto 2

Because all good things must come to an end, this was my very last blogpost for Antwerpen Streetstyle. I hope you were all entertained by my photo’s, random storiesand word-waterfall. I wish you all safe travels, realfriends and good food. Passed year I’ve learned a lot of things are only around temporarily, so jump into life, and take good care of the people you love and surround yourself with. 

foto 5

Warren IG: mxw_tattoo

(editor’s note: Warren is streetstyled by guest blogger Joke De Coninck earlier on the blog)

Pirate Piercing (Antwerp): opening 15th november

- Karlijne

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Guest post 4: Darkside

Scan 0 Scan 1 Scan 2

Olivier and Britt Zoë pull us in to the dark side. You don’t see them rocking bright colours or temporary trends very often. Even on a bright indian summer day they fade to black.

Olivier claims that he just picks out the pieces that appeal to him from second hand stores and grandpa’s closet. With this habit he seems to be a reincarnation of the looks and attitude Ian Curtis brought.
Though he is still in school, Olivier also makes music. Get blown away by his dark and intriguing sound on soundcloud.

Britt Zoë and Olivier seem to be two people that are totally synced with each other. Her style can be labeled as clean, Scandinavian and timeless. Peeking into her closet, we see a lot of stripes, dark colors, and the occasional bright red or blue. You can catch her in big stores like Weekday or Cos for a clean look. For that touch of originality she visits cozy stores like Five Fridays or Elsa. For this true film student a good cut will always be more important than any kitschy detailing.

Olivier soundcloud:



Antwerpen, Korte Gasthuisstraat
Antwerpen, Stadsfeestzaal


Five Fridays:
Kloosterstraat 181
2000 Antwerp

Think Twice:
Langeklarenstraat 21, 2000 Antwerpen
Kammenstraat 85, 2000 Antwerpen

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Guest post 3: Ride my bike

Those who already follow me on instagram may have figured out that I’m a bit of a gym fanatic. Don’t classify me as your typical fitness-crazy just yet though.
I was always the quiet kid reading books. Until somewhere last year I decided I wanted to gain some weight – yes, gain.

I started a form of crossfit in combination with a good meal plan, and got a bit bigger pretty fast. Once you see some result, it becomes addictive. I had a lot of fun with the people of Strength & Conditioning.
Because I always travelled with a big backpack I even managed to stay fit when I was in Asia. Less than a year later I still try to hit the gym as often as I can to lift weights, do some cardio and practice yoga. I can’t lie, I’m still obsessed with leg-days.

foto 1

I live in a city, therefore I don’t need a car. I bought this baby last year and she brings me everywhere. I love the freedom my bike gives me, it feels like flying. Call me hipster, can’t lie and don’t care!

foto 2

When my life settles a bit more around school-work-play I’d love to pick up the routine again and start at Elite Athletes. (Dear santa, ..)

Griffinstraat 11,

2170 Merksem

Antwerp Strength & Conditioning
Minderbroedersrui 9
2000 Antwerpen

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Guest post 2: Talented friends

You may have noticed that friends are a big and important part of my life. It’s always been that way. As a teenager I often had a serious case of  ‘my friends are my real family’-disease. When you travel for a longer period of time, life has it’s way of showing you who your real friends are.
I’ve always been more of a ‘one of the guys’-girl, yet lately I noticed I’m getting more and more girlfriends.

This post is about my talented girlfriends, enjoy.

Lies Jo

Scan 1

Scan 3

Redheads have a soul. This girl is hard to miss! She outgrows me without a doubt in height as in talent with words. Sit down and get lost in her dreamy writings – and find yourself still scrolling hours later. As smooth as she can get with words as fierce she is in real life. On Instagram Lies reveals her other side: a  loud, funny ginger that is completely into sports, food and make-up.

IG: ljv181



Scan 4

Raw food is hot! My friend Mariko is that multitasker we’re all jealous of. She’s vegan, still studying, and a very active yogi. Get sucked into her foodie world as she shares her shakes, pasta & pizza with you on a daily basis. I met up with her and the hubbie in Indonesia, where I picked up on the news about some workshops that are coming up. Stay tuned for more on her instagram!




Scan 2

Often underestimated is my petite friend Naila. You hardly see her behind the deck but the sound she produces equals the deal. Pounding techno music is all you need to get her moving. She’s always up for a party. Fyi: she plays the drums too – how hot is that? Like her as Hemer on facebook and check out her soundcloud so you can catch her playing in Antwerp or Ghent.





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