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  (1) Museumnacht + afterparty

What: If you want to visit as many museums as possible then Museumnacht is the perfect initiative. Already for ten editions there is one evening every year in which you can go to all the Antwerp museums after hours. As you can expect there are lots of activities such as workshops, selfie competitions, and extraordinary expositions. If you have enough energy left after visiting so many museums, there is an afterparty too!

We want to especially draw your attention to the fashion show NAZAR by Fadime Tezerdi. The clothing designs are inspired by 50 years of Turkish and Morrocan immigrations to Belgium. Think of a mix of tradition and urban renovation.

When: Saturday 2 August, fashion show at 10PM.
Where: Everywhere around Antwerp, fashion show at MAS, Hanzestedenplaats 1.
Website & program: Museumnacht
Prices: presale €5 -26 years, €8 +26 years

(2) Superdiesel opening night

What: Summer club Superdiesel is opening its doors again. Headliner Carl Craig comes all the way from Detroit and has the perfect sound for summer!
When: Sunday 3 August, from 2PM to midnight.
Where: d’Herbouvillekaai 25 (2020)
Website: Superdiesel
Price: presale €10

(3) Dunja & Tom at Cargo Bar

What: If you still have not had a drink at the Cargo Zomerbar at Park Spoor Noord, then Friday is the perfect opportunity. I am claiming that I am an avid fan of the television program The Voice van Vlaanderen but Dunja was obviously the one who should have won. This soulful singer brings her friend Tom Nelson to the Cargo Bar for an acoustic session.
When: Friday 31 July, 9PM.
Where: Cargo Zomerbar, Park Spoor Noord, Viaductdam 1 (2060)
Website: Facebook event


Guest post IV: Stylish guys

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Here you have the last post by Dagou as guest blogger. If you want to read more from this talented girl you’re in luck because she has joined the AS team!

For my last guestpost (ohhh), I wanted to take pictures of some guys who have great styles. Most boys I know don’t really care about what they wear (no offense), so it is nice to see some people who look a bit different.

Timothy | Antwerpen Streetstyle

Timothy // 20

“My style is minimalistic and without too much distraction because I like to keep it clean. Quality is important to me and  I like small details, but I’d rather keep it simple.”

Basil | Antwerpen Streetstyle

Basil // 16

“I like to make a statement with my clothes, right now I’m proving that second hand can be chic as well.”

Kevin | Antwerpen Streetstyle

Kevin // 16

“I like to mix different styles. Simplicity and layers are my keywords.”


I hope you guys enjoyed reading my guestposts and like my point of view on fashion.

Love, Dagou


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We’re hopping from holiday to festival to holiday this month but luckily I had time to snap this beauty after I saw her come out of & Other Stories.

Guest post III: girl power!

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For my third guestpost, I chose to take pictures of these fabulous ladies. I really love their styles, because they aren’t afraid to stand out and wear their clothes with confidence.

Girl Power | Antwerpen Streetstyle

Hannah // 17
“I love wearing kneesocks and stockings because they make me feel pretty. My scooter is my only and favorite accessory. “

Girl Power | Antwerpen Streetstyle

Tijsje // 17
“I wear classic clothes with a punky twist and one item that catches the eye. Shoes are important details to me. Side note: I paid €1 for this skirt.

Girl Power | Antwerpen Streetstyle

Stella // 15
“I don’t like too many details, I prefer to keep my outfits clean. I love wearing casual styles, but with an urban twist.”

Guest Post II: Hang out spots

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Summer’s finally here and between all the parties, festivals and holidays, I enjoy hanging around in my own city. I love how you can go from the crowded city centre to a calm, relaxing place in only 5 minutes. In my second guestpost I’ll tell you where I love to spend my summer days/nights and where I mostly hang out (in good company).

Literally everyone comes here. From couples or teenagers, to tourists and older people. I can sit here for hours just to enjoy the view and feel the cool breeze. This place is mostly popular amongst teenagers. There’s always someone, especially at the Vlot which is a large platform on the Scheldt.
If you don’t know what to do or where to go, I highly suggest you to go here. Combine this place with a bottle of wine, some fancy food and some  good music and you’ll definitely have a great night.

This is one of my favorite places in Antwerp. On this beautiful square you can admire the Carolus Borromeus church, the fountain, and the library. Even though a lot of tourists come here, the Conscience square seems to be pretty unknown by the Antwerp locals. It is always nice to be here, and there’s always a musician playing music somewhere.  It is a great place to hang out on a hot day, when you want to escape from the crowd.

You probably already know this place, since it has already been recommended on here. But I just couldn’t leave this one out! During summer, I’m here almost every night.  Zomerfabriek is a great place for when you don’t know what to do. A lot of activities are organized here; come watch a movie on Monday or shake your booty on Friday. Drinks can be bought here for fair prices and I definitely recommend you to taste their delicious cheesecake!
Go to their lounge to chill on the couches (warning: it’s very easy to fall asleep on those!).Too bad that Zomerfabriek closes its doors at the end of the summer. But I guess it wouldn’t really be special anymore if it was open every day of the year…

I am a big music lover, so I created a small playlist with my ultimate summer anthems for you via Spotify. Hope you enjoy it!


Guest Post I: My favorite shops in Antwerp

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People who know me know that I love to put effort into my outfits. Things I wear on a regular basis are croptops, high waisted bottoms, and gold accessories. Lucky me, there’s plenty of shops where I can buy all of this! I’m not afraid to stand out and I can always turn something old into something stylish.In this post I’ll reveal what my favorite Antwerp shops are…

URBAN OUTFITTERS This is definitely my favorite chain store. What I love about Urban Outfitters is that they offer so many different styles. They sell anything, from streetstyle t-shirts to floral dresses, and from clean polos to high waisted Levi’s shorts. Another thing I enjoy is how it always seems like my own iPod is playing in the background. Their  music taste is amazing. I literally can’t go to UO without buying something and I definitely suggest you to stop by during the sales season! Side note: their  employees are very friendly too and they can surely help you if you have some questions (they probably already know me since I’m there about once or twice a week).

-Meir 78, 2000 Antwerp

THINK TWICE My favorite vintage shop must be Think Twice. Not only because of their wallet-friendly prices, but also because there’s not just one but two Think Twices in Antwerp! You can buy dresses, shirts, jackets, and a lot more; all from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. I love shopping there because you can find some real beauties, like oldschool Nike sweaters and badass leather jackets. I would definitely suggest Think Twice to the DIY-ers who like to customize their clothes and to the people who are on a budget. Once a month, T2 has these crazy sales where everything costs  only 3€, then 2€ and then just 1€!

-Kammenstraat 85, 2000 Antwerp

-Lange Klarenstraat 21, 2000 Antwerp

Image via Think Twice

THE PUBLIC IMAGE  Does the name Nele Moens ring a bell? It definitely should! Nele was not only AS’ previous guestblogger , she is also the storekeeper of my all-time favorite shop. It was love on first sight when I came to TPI for the first time. They sell a lot of brands which you can barely find anywhere else in Belgium, such as Motel Rocks, Bitching and Junkfood, and The Ragged Priest. If I had to describe The Public Image in a few keywords, I’d go for holographic prints, crop tops, gold earrings, mesh and full-print sweaters. It’s not just about the clothes, I also love how Nele is always friendly to her customers and how she posts her customers’ new outfits on her Instagram. This shop is a must-see when you’re a true streetstyle guy/gal.

-Wijngaardstraat 16, 2000 Antwerp

This week’s guest blogger: Dagou Touré

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A new month, a new guest blogger! This time we asked Dagou, a young reader of ours with quite a bit of writing skills. She will show you Antwerp from her unique point of view!

Hello I am Dagou Touré, proud guest blogger of the month and 17 years old. Dagou | Antwerpen Streetstyle

I’m guest blogger because I was born and raised in Antwerp and because I am in love with my city. I think the best way to discover Antwerp is by bike and in good company. I’m an internet-addict who loves to party. I have an eye for detail and a big crush on gold accessories.

At the moment I am busy with secondary school, but I am hoping to become a freelance journalist and/or stylist.

But if I have some spare time I am active on  my Tumblr blog, which became pretty popular last year. It’s my moodboard which gives me inspiration for my outfits.

Dagou2The thing I like most about Antwerp is how you can just stroll around thinking you’ve seen it all, but still discover new shops or coffee bars.

 I do not appreciate cars in the city. I’ve had some near-death experiences caused by ignorant people driving their cars. A perfect Antwerp to me, would be a pedestrian one. But if you love Antwerp like I do, those cars are just a tiny detail.

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