Guest post 2: Talented friends

You may have noticed that friends are a big and important part of my life. It’s always been that way. As a teenager I often had a serious case of  ‘my friends are my real family’-disease. When you travel for a longer period of time, life has it’s way of showing you who your real friends are.
I’ve always been more of a ‘one of the guys’-girl, yet lately I noticed I’m getting more and more girlfriends.

This post is about my talented girlfriends, enjoy.

Lies Jo

Scan 1

Scan 3

Redheads have a soul. This girl is hard to miss! She outgrows me without a doubt in height as in talent with words. Sit down and get lost in her dreamy writings – and find yourself still scrolling hours later. As smooth as she can get with words as fierce she is in real life. On Instagram Lies reveals her other side: a  loud, funny ginger that is completely into sports, food and make-up.

IG: ljv181



Scan 4

Raw food is hot! My friend Mariko is that multitasker we’re all jealous of. She’s vegan, still studying, and a very active yogi. Get sucked into her foodie world as she shares her shakes, pasta & pizza with you on a daily basis. I met up with her and the hubbie in Indonesia, where I picked up on the news about some workshops that are coming up. Stay tuned for more on her instagram!




Scan 2

Often underestimated is my petite friend Naila. You hardly see her behind the deck but the sound she produces equals the deal. Pounding techno music is all you need to get her moving. She’s always up for a party. Fyi: she plays the drums too – how hot is that? Like her as Hemer on facebook and check out her soundcloud so you can catch her playing in Antwerp or Ghent.



Guest post 1: Analogue photography

Even though it’s starting to fade a bit, a few regulars here still know me as ‘that Lomo girl’. Even before I finished my degree in photography I got a job at the Lomography store. Without exaggerating, this job changed so much for me and I’m still thankful for it. I made so many new friends and got the creative freedom that I lacked at school. Within a year I switched to analogue photography.



When people ask me why I prefer analogue over digital photography, that’s hard to answer. It’s more about describing a feeling. Do you prefer morning-sex over late-at-night sex?

Analogue photography has taught me one of the most underestimated values: patience. It also taught me that we need a lot less than we all believe. Waiting on your pictures might just be the fun part. You get to wait for something exciting, something you helped creating. It’s like meeting a old friend.



I don’t work at the store anymore, but it is still there. So make sure you visit my best friend in the Lomography store in de Kammenstraat. You can even take workshops. The store will teach you everything there is to know about analogue photoraphy. It’s one piece of Antwerp thats, without a doubt, very close to my heart.


Lomo 5

Lomography Gallery Store Antwerpen

Kammenstraat 55  

Our October guest blogger: Karlijne Geudens

We are very excited about our latest guest blogger, who we met years ago when she asked if she could shoot street style photographs for us. She eventually was short in time, but her own portrait was featured repeatedly on the blog. Karlijne is an amazing analogue photographer who is well-known at every party in Antwerp. Her travel pictures make us want to immediately grab our bags and go!

I’m Karlijne, and only since recently I also go by the name of Charlie. (Note: I like to travel, a lot. Since people that speak Dutch are the only ones that have any idea how to pronounce my name, everyone else seems to think Charlie is a better option. But hey, I’m not complaining.) I’m halfway through my twenties and I’ve been living in Antwerp for about five years now.

analog selfie

This month I get the chance to share my whereabouts, projects, randomness about my friends & faves with you guys. Let me be honest with you here. I’m not a big time blogger, nor a well-known photographer or very talented writer. I am however somewhat into all of the above. Don’t take it all too serious though, I’m just really good at thinking out loud.

This year I went through a bit of a quarter-life crisis. Which basically calls for a ‘Quit your job and buy a plane ticket’ – scenario. Which I did. I packed my bags to go and visit a friend in La Gomera.

voeten la gomera


It sounds almost too cliché to mention, but this trip really turned things around for me. Not only did I rediscover my passion for analogue photography, I also realized just how bad I wanted to travel for a few months. I got home from La Gomera in tears, with some amazing photos and full of wanderlust.

Since I got back I’ve been in and out of the country. I travelled to places close to home and far away, I’ve travelled alone and with company. From Holland to Indonesia, from Paris to Barcelona… I’ve met a lot of inspiring people, took hikes, fell off a mountain, and learned to really appreciate things most of us take for granted.

I’m done travelling for this year. After a while you come to miss the luxury of your own bed. For now I’m studying an extra year to become a teacher, so lock up your kids and be afraid.

la gomera



trein indo

foto indonesie

If you happen to get curious about where I shop, sip coffee or go out, try to read between the lines… Though it probably wont be very shocking and maybe even old news to anyone that’s familiar with Antwerp.

Also, if you’d like to check out my places and faces, be sure to scroll away on my tumblr and instagram!
IG: karlijneg


If you’re visiting Antwerp and need to fill a few spare hours, then you can visit the new exhibition ‘MOMU NOW’ at the Fashion Museum until January. Yesterday, a couple of bloggers were invited for an after-hours visit.

Since the museum has a smashing 25000 pieces of clothing and accessories, the team decided to showcase their favourite items of the collection. The stock has grown enormously in the last few years thanks to many donations by Belgian designers. That is why you will still remember many of the clothes in the exposition from the catwalk. Key pieces by Ann Demeulemeester, Walter van Beirendonck, and especially Raf Simons have a place of honour.


Going around the exhibition with a guide certainly was a nice extra, especially since our guide Katleen is obviously very involved in everything the museum does. We learned about the generosity of many designers and the difficulties with keeping the clothing’s fabric intact.

MOMU NOW is the connection piece between two big expositions: the Birds of Paradise expo that ended in August and the Dries Van Noten tribute that will open in January 2015. It nevertheless is a great exhibition for anyone who loves runway shows and modern fashion.


IMG_20141014_195002  IMG_20141014_193054

MoMu Fashion Museum
Nationalestraat 28

MOMU NOW from 25 September 2014 until 4 January 2015

Cheap Monday’s 10 minute pop-up

This Friday, 10 October, Cheap Monday will pop-up in 10 cities in the world for 10 minutes to give away 1000 free pairs of jeans. And you guessed it right: 1 of those cities is Antwerp!

Where you should be going tomorrow: Stadsschouwburg at the Theaterplein.

Time: 10 AM (what else did you expect)

What you should do: 1. snap a picture 2. share on the social media (Twitter, Instagram & Facebook) with #cheapmondayx10.

May the odds be ever in your favour!

It’ll rain Cheap Monday!

Relik Antwerp


Eli Alders is an 18-year-old guy who lives in Antwerp. After high school, Eli became graphic designer for computer games. He had been interested in fashion for a long time and after being promotor for a clothing brand, Eli decided to put his creativity into his own brand: Relik.

Relik, which is a twist to Eli’s name, is all about bringing urban fashion at a democratic price. “The message behind Relik is to bring fashionable clothes to young people, but without the expensive price tag that most brands carry.”

Eli finds his inspiration in the latest trends and by looking at different designers. When he needs some more creativity, he listens to rap. “I use the lyrical part, take a closer look at it and try to use this for new designs”, he explains. If Eli could collaborate with anyone, he’d definitely go for more high-end brands such as Patta, Nike, Adidas or Supreme. Eli says: “I definitely hope that I’ll be able to work with one of these brands in the future, but for now that’s just a dream.” Eli’s plan is to make Relik into a real business, so that he can open his own store in Antwerp.

What can we expect for Relik’s next collection? “A bigger offer, from jackets to accessories”, Eli reveals.

I certainly hope Eli will be able to reach his goals and that he will open his very own store one day!



Orders can be placed through Relik’s Facebook-page.