Guest post #3: Marius Petrus

Oh, it’s already my last post for Antwerpen Streetstyle. This was such a nice experience. That’s why I’m going to share with you my absolute best fashion discovery in Antwerp. Two words: Marius Petrus.

Funny enough, though he lives around the corner, I discovered Marius online. I developed the biggest crush on his Tumblr. It’s like the dude looked into my head and put all the images on his page. Just sublime.
That’s why I wasn’t surprised at all to find out his menswear designs are exactly my taste.
Long story short: we met, he showed me the ideal shirt and now it’s mine!

For this occasion I decided to make a GIF with my shirt on and some awesome images of Marius Petrus’ Tumblr page in the background.

Marius Petrus | Vincent Van Reusel

So, that was my last post. I hope you enjoyed it.
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Note from the AS-team: we featured Marius himself in this street style post.

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Guest post #2: Partytrashers

partytrashers1 - Hanne Denys

Photo by Hanne Denys

Meet the Partytrashers!
This Antwerp boy band in wigs brings electronic music, outrageous fashion and the gay underground scene together in the most entertaining way.
Their songs and shows are unapologetic celebrations of being different, their lyrics catchy like hell. “Hey hey hey, have you seen Andy Warhol?” and “Tonight we’re gonna drink and vomit diamonds in your sink!” are my personal favorites.

partytrashers2 - Hanne Denys

Photo by Hanne Denys

The boys of Partytrashers are supported on and off stage by Jimmy Kidd, a girl dressed like a pirate who produces the beats and tunes for their songs. And she brings some fine ass rap too.

partytrashers3 - Glenn Schellekens

Photo by Glenn Schellekens

The least you can say is that they serve a visual spectacle. Check out their website. You’ll get it.
I was lucky enough to host them during my party Drag Delight and wow, what an experience!

partytrashers4 - Céline Radelet

Photo by Céline Radelet

Fashion forms an undeniable part of Partytrashers. Their looks make me think of a mix between Japanese Harajuku style and seapunk. Quite far from the minimalist/deconstructivist style that tends to dominate Antwerp. That’s why the Partytrashers’ outfits are like a breath of fresh air… on steroids.

partytrashers5 - Glenn Schellekens

Photo by Glenn Schellekens

Up till now you’ll have to go to one of their shows to listen to the songs, but they’ve just announced that they’re working on the launch of their first official single! Until that time, you can already listen to a temporary demo of the very catchy ‘Andy Warhol’ song on Jimmy Kidd’s soundcloud.

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Guest post #1: Neo-Dandy

So long minimalism, farewell functionalism, hello neo-dandy!

I’m pleased to introduce to you: Jonas Beldé. This Antwerp guy is no stranger to fashion, with a degree in fashion design and now representing Paul Smith in Belgium and Holland. Plus the dude was shot by both Facehunter and The Sartorialist, of whom the latter included him in one of his books. In short: the guy knows how to dress and how to pose.

He shamelessly combines Haider Ackermann with H&M, menswear with womenswear and vintage with pieces that still have to hit the clothing racks. Who said less is more anyway?

I hear you thinking: “Well, he probably only dresses like that for the picture.” I can assure you, that’s not the case.

How do I know? He’s my boyfriend.

Jonas Beldé by Vincent Van Reusel

Wanna have a look in Jonas’ head? Check out his Tumblr.

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February’s guest blogger: Vincent Van Reusel

We met our (late) guest blogger for February Vincent Van Reusel thanks to This Is Antwerp, for which we all write. He is a very fashionably guy who always knows what’s up in Antwerp.

Hello I am Vincent Van Reusel and I am 25 years old.
I’m guest blogger because my love for Antwerp and its (sub)cultural life is very big and I love sharing my experiences and views.

At the moment I am (really) busy with a couple of top-secret projects promoting upcoming Antwerpian talent and I’ve picked up filming and editing again.

But if I have some spare time I like to go to concerts or get lost in the Antwerp night life. There is a lot to discover and parties always change, so you never get bored.

The thing I like most about Antwerp is the amount of creative energy everywhere you go in this small but far-from-boring town. Lately it’s stunning how Borgerhout and Berchem are gradually getting more and more artistic projects too. Way to go!

In my next posts I’ll try to show you my kind of Antwerp and the role fashion – and other forms of self-expression – plays in it.



Photo by Jan Opdekamp

Photo by Jan Opdekamp

Openings & Endings: This week’s events

Think Twice

Opening new Think Twice store

Think Twice is the place where everyone all over Flanders goes to buy second-hand clothes. Their monthly €1 sale is only one of their assets. In Antwerp there already is a T2 in the Kammenstraat and Lange Klarenstraat, but now there will be one in the Jezusstraat too. During the opening this Friday you are spoiled with food and drinks plus you can do workshops (maybe sewing?).

Friday 20 February – Think Twice, Jezusstraat 18
Workshops and extras 16h-20h

Opening renewed FoMu

Tonight is the opening of 3 new exhibitions at the FoMu. In the first retrospective of Jeffrey Silverthorne’s work, you can discover his magical staged photography that looks just like reality. At 20h he will talk at the museum about his career. Mathieu Pernot, contrastively, truly makes social documentaries. Finally, Yann Mingard contemplates in the exposition ‘Deposit’ the future of life on earth.

Thusrday 19 February – FoMu, Waalse Kaai
Doors 20h – price Silverthorne’s talk €6/€10

Volxkeuken & Bal Populaire

The Ecokot is a place for urban hippies that is located in one of the cool old factories at Kattenberg, which will unfortunately will be torn to the ground soon. Tonight you can go there for the penultimate edition of Volxkeuken at their current location. Go with a couple of friends and enjoy a fresh meal for only a few euros. Afterwards, the residential DJs will provide tunes to dance to.

Thursday 19 February – Ecokot, Kattenberg 79 (BoHo)
Doors 19h



Lunchtime: Tartine

tartineTartine has been on my ‘must visit’-list for quite a while, so when I was thinking about where I could have lunch, the choice was easily made. I’m the kind of person who loves to discover new lunchspots so I only have a few addresses which I visit several times. I know for sure Tartine will now be added to that list!

When I walked in, the first thing that caught my eye were the beautiful pictures of New York, spread on the walls. They really complement the rest of the beautiful interior. Another thing that made me really happy was the enormous list of tartines (sandwiches) to choose from. To top that off, they were all on the cheaper side (around 5-6€). I went for a tartine Tonno; a grilled sandwich cheddar, tuna and black olives. Damn, it tasted even better than it sounded.

I really love the Minderbroedersrui and its surrounding streets because of all the great lunch and coffee places that are packed together. Also, it’s a great place to sit on a sunny day because you can just watch the people walk by. Now, we all know the weather doesn’t really allow these activities yet, but I almost got that same feeling when I was sitting at the window at Tartine. I think this place has an international, cosy atmosphere, so I will definitely be coming back for more!

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