Guest Post #2: A Perfect Saturday

Sweet reader, I’ll take you with me for 1 day. Show you how I would spend my perfect day. The places I would go, the places I would recommend. The (sometimes hidden) treasures.

I hope you enjoy,



I wake up early, drink my cup of tea and read a little and after that I make myself ready for the day.


The best käsekuche (aka traditional Jewish cheesecake) and brioche buns in town! God, I could eat those things everyday (not kidding). The only thing is that it’s a bit of an expensive bakery. Therefore, I’ve made myself a deal that only in the weekend, if I’m in the neighborhood, I’m allowed to buy myself some of these.
(Provinciestraat 206, 2018 Antwerpen)FOOD2KLBL1

Going to the market with lovely Jeanne.IMG_4685


Please, stop your Itunes, put those sneakers on, and go to this amazing place. You’ll definitely find something you like, I promise. Fatkat has a wide range of music and is well arranged. For music lovers like me, a dangerous place to go.
Bye bye money, hello music.
(Lange Koepoortstraat 51 2000 Antwerpen)


Cosy, healthy, delicious.
(Volkstraat 17, 2000 Antwerpen)

Well, if you didn’t know this gallery already, you really should visit it! It’s a beautiful open space.
Ingrid Deuss is a sweet and warm person who’ll let you feel very welcome if you stop by to take a look.
Right now there’s an expo of Veronika Pot named The Transformation. Wonderful work and very nice presentation, as always.
I felt very honored when Ingrid made some time for me to take pictures of her and her gallery, even though she has a busy schedule. I can say, without a doubt, that it’s my favorite gallery in the city! And Ingrid doesn’t only have a good taste when it comes to photography, she also has a beautiful style.
(Provinciestraat 11 2018)INGRIDZITGAL118H
I love to cook, but most of the time my guests end up helping me out in the kitchen. Can’t help it, I’m just so clumsy!
But, besides that, I love to have people over, drink a glass of wine and talk all night.IMG_3463

If you love to go out, you really should go to one of these upcoming parties:
-5 FEB 2015: Boké
-13 FEB 2015: Shuttles
Nice music, good vibe, lovely people.If you want to see some more about how I spend my days you can follow me on instagram:,Oona

Guest post #1: (Indoor) Street Style

Because of the foggy weather, the snow, the ice-cold wind, I decided to do a part of the street style inside and outside. I want to say thank you to all the people who made time for this. These people are all people who inspire me or are important in my life.

I hope you’ll enjoy the warm sweats, red lipstick, and all these cool people.



(she’s not only my little sister but also the coolest kid in town. This picture was taken after a night when she couldn’t sleep because of nightmares. And when I woke up I couldn’t resist taking pictures of this beautiful angel sleeping next to me, looking adorable in her pajamas.)


(A day with Tijsje is a day full of music, coffee, cigarettes, and old photographs from when we were little. Even now, when we are not dressed like princesses any more, she’s still one to me.)

(My dad and Suma are always looking good, and even look better when they stand next to each other. They’re not only looking sweet together, they really are the sweetest!)SUMAPAPASTYLE

(She’s like a sister to me. we practically live together, love having breakfast, drink tea, dance all night)RHOOOOM

(Without doubt the two hottest, coolest, sweetest, sisters in town!)ZUSJESDELESRTRE

(She’s beautiful, funny and adorable. When we go out together I won’t be home early, and I’ll be shaking my ass with her like it’s the last time I can.)

(Adorable Michael is – most of the time – dressed in black. He’s a man with a big heart. Besides that, I’m so jelly of his shoes!)


(Incredible (sweet) dancers with a very special and unique style. I think they have even more clothes than I do.)LITORAMOS

Read Oona Bovri’s introduction post here and all her other posts here.

January’s Guestblogger: Oona Bovri

Because we were still feeling hungover from New Year’s Eve (just kidding), we didn’t have time to look for a new guestblogger. Fortunately, we contacted Awesome Oona for you.
 Oona Bovri
My name is Oona Bovri, a teenage girl who loves to draw and read, takes tons of pictures, and owns way too many shoes (34 pairs, actually). I’m currently reading Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl and Behind Closed Doors by Rob Meyers.  Besides that, I love lingerie and I collect things that inspire me (old CD covers, postcards, books, notes, pictures, etc.).
The places where I work, sleep, eat, and live, are collages of all the stuff I love, because it’s important for me to be surrounded by things that inspire me. I study at Sint-Lucas. An  important school project this year is to create a personal portfolio, which I’m working really hard on.
Besides my studies at Sint-Lucas, I really love trying out many different things in practice.
Last summer I worked as an assistant for the design team of Café Costume (Emiel Banningstraat 11, 2000 Antwerpen). Recently, I also helped during the opening of a few art exhibitions at the Ingrid Deuss gallery and helped in the flagship store of Wouters & Hendrix’s jewellery shop.
I really wanted to start doing something more active and I couldn’t resist, so I asked my dad if I could do an internship at Kunsthuis Opera Vlaanderen for the opera  AKHNATEN of Philip Glass.
When I heard Walter Van Beirendonck was creating the costumes for this opera production, I was even more excited. Two days a week, I join different departments, carefully preparing several productions. The costumes, jewellery, light sessions, the props… I love everything about it!
A lot of people think I’m the kind of girl with a full agenda, too much to do, and too little time.
But if I have some spare time, I like to drink my coffee at Caffènation or Normo, read Apartamento magazine or listen to Jeff Buckley. Other days, I’m a couch potato and watch Woody Allen movies, but I also love having dinner with friends.
On Saturday, if I’m not working, I love going to the market.
The thing I enjoy most is the feeling of being on vacation. All the delicious food, different people, colors, and smells… Sometimes I walk around for hours straight while taking photographs of the things that inspire me – or I’ll write down strange conversations I pick up on the streets.
The art scene in Antwerp is fantastic to develop yourself in as a creative person. I like how you’ve got beautiful architecture, bookstores, street art, vinyl shops, museums, galleries, etc. Plus, you also have a lot of choice when it comes to fashion, which has been important to me ever since I was little.
Because both of my parents work in the fashion industry, I have been in love with it since I was still  a little kiddo.
When I was 5 years old, I often ruined my mother’s lipstick or danced around the house in her fancy boots.
Oona Guestblogger
Me, featuring mom’s fancy boots
The thing I like about Antwerp is that even though I thought I knew the city so well, I still keep bumping into places I’ve never seen before. Antwerp is small, but god I love this city!
Although I like to travel around, Antwerp will always feel like home.

Meet: Choët x Mandon

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 19.44.25

Choët x Mandon. Their name sounds like champagne, doesn’t it? Well, so does their music. Timothy Vanacker and Martijn Andriese teamed up and made some sweet love-making music. Expect: electronic sounds and 90’s vocals, sprinkled with a whole ‘lotta bass.

When Timothy invited me to the set of Choët & Mandon’s Confession videoclip, I was pretty excited. Now, I was expecting some cool stuff, but woah, it was even more professional than I’d thought! Because of their awesome stylist Enea Derboven, there were so many fancy oufits (Isabel Marant! Crooks & Castles! A.P.C.!). They also had an amazing makeup-artist, Rilke Van Bel, who made sure everyone was looking fabulous.

C x M 3

The Confession videoclip tells the story of two best friends (Timothy himself, and Celia Van Vugt) who hang out together all the time. Unfortunately, they are too blind to see that they’d be the cutest couple ever. The guy starts dating all these girls, but they are nothing like his friend. After a dozen of dates, he finally  realizes that the person he really wants to be with, is his best friend herself. He goes over to her place and what follows is The Confession. Wonder how their story ends? Go and check it out for yourself!

When I got to see the full videoclip, I was surprised! During the filming, I could already see that the filming team was professional, but the result looks even better than I could’ve expected. To be honest, this reminds me of some Belgian version of Disclosure (which is a compliment ’cause I’m a huge fan). It’s one of those videoclips that leave you with a smile, especially because everything was filmed in our favorite city in the world, Antwerp obviously.IMG_1454

If you ask me, there’s a big future for Martijn and Timothy, although they’re doing pretty damn well in the present as well. Keep an eye on these guys and check out their Souncloud while you’re at it!

P.S. You might’ve seen Timothy already, since he’s been streetstyled by us a while ago ;)

Our 2014 guest bloggers

Last year we started to invite guest bloggers who showed Antwerp from their point of view. We enjoyed these posts greatly, since we never knew what to expect. If you have missed some of the bloggers, here is your chance to catch up!


Art history student Eline Van Hooydonck

pieter van den zegel

Fashion designer Pieter Van den Zegel


Our new blogger Dagou Touré

Architecture photographer Hannelore Veelaert


TPI owner Nele Moens


Analogue photographer Karlijne Geudens

Illustrator Anneke Caramin

2014 in review

2014 has been another great year on Antwerpen Streetstyle and we have experienced some personal victories too! Here our favourite moments of the past 12 months. We can’t wait to dive into new adventures in 2015!


The post I love the most is about the second-hand challenge I undertook in 2014. I pledged to stop buying new clothes for an entire year, save from the sales period. I did some amazing discoveries at rummage sales and I dived into the old clothes of fellow bloggers. Think Twice became my shopping walhalla. Since I moved to Paris in October, I have not been able to keep up my promise (it’s Paris, who would?). Still, I feel very proud of my 9 months without new clothes and in the future second-hand stores will certainly have priority over the high street.

Read the post to get tips on doing the challenge yourself and buying second-hand clothes in Antwerp!

Museumnacht was another great event in 2014 because it was the first opportunity for me to test our new lens that gives more depth. I love a bit of culture now and again, which is one of the reasons I love being in Paris for Erasmus. On a personal level, living and studying here has definitely helped me grow and become more independent.

Having managed to get an internship with Stephanie Duval is one of my greatest accomplishments of the year. I am very much looking forward to acquiring some first work experience working for her!



This year on the blog, I was glad to be able to give away a beautiful Taschen book about Raf Simons because I have loved this kind of books since I was small. It was also fantastic to have Joke De Coninck guest blogging for us in April. She’s such a great barista and her kids are the coolest in town! We really ought to revive the #antwerpenstreetstyleselfie, though.

Most of 2014 was a rollercoaster ride for me. Although there was a not so bright period, I did some amazeballs things. I ended up graduating from high school and got into the conservatory! Which is taking over most of my time and I’m still juggling to find a balance between school and the blog. But that will work out. Over the summer I visited my friends in Montreal and totally fell in love with that city. And then, probably my biggest change in 2014, I left the mother nest to live in an apartment with three incredible sweet guys whom I adore. Imagine Jess in ‘New Girl’ minus the crazy girly ness. But they manage to live with my weird quirks and it’s surprisingly easy to look over the toiletseat being up ALL THE TIME!

If there is one thing I learned from 2014, and yes it sounds über cliché, is that I have a family and friends who are worth gold and I owe them the world. So thank you.

Let’s get it on 2015, I’m ready for you!


2014 was very exciting for me since I joined Antwerpen Streetstyle! I loved doing the BOHO Amsterdam shoot since I pretty much organised the whole thing on my own with a little help from Tine. It was great to work together with two of my best friends, since one provided the incredible setting and the other did the modelling. I took care of the entire styling, of which I’m pretty proud.


I also enjoyed the party for the launch of Cesar Casier for Essentiel at an old building at the Wapper. Gin tonics, tacos, a lot of dark corners and the company of my fellow bloggers (minus Helen in Paris): the recipe for a “kiki” as Cesar would say!

Looking forward to 2015, I hope to get my driver’s licence so I can have that little bit of extra independence. I am also about to plan an exchange to England in 2016. I already yearn for the moment when all the documents are ready and I will be ready to leave!


Top of the shelf of 2014 experiences was definitely showing the Fashion One team around Antwerp. We have made a tv show, you guys! Of course we were pretty nervous to be on camera since the entire thing was quite improvised, but I think we managed to look sweet and professional.

Planning and shooting the Noë giveaway was also a blast. I had not realised that the brand had so many fans, but you can now count me as one of them! I am also very glad of all the things I achieved thanks to This Is Antwerp: I did a lot of interviews and filled almost the entire two pages of street style in the last edition of the magazine (read it here!).


2014 has been a special year for me since I obtained my bachelor’s degree and I started the newly-established master Gender & Diversity. 2015 is going to be even more spectacular since I will be together with my boyfriend for 5 years, I will get my master’s degree, and with a whole lot of luck I will find my first real job.

Next up: the best street style of 2014!