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Blue Hair Punk Girl | Antwerpen Streetstyle


The ‘Oh, I’m just wearing my Docs’-kind of girl.

Marius Petrus

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Marius Petrus | Antwerpen Streetstyle

Marius is wearing his own design >>


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Tatyana Beloy | Antwerpen Streetstyle

12/04/2014, Volkstraat

Printed streetstyle

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Printed urban look | Antwerp Streetstyle

We love some good prints from time to time! Aaron and Hawa know well how to combine them.

Guest post 4: Antwerp coffee tour

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So I have a caffeine-addiction, but that’s not the only reason why I visit coffee bars. I also like the cosiness of some places, the people who are working behind the espresso machine, the food they serve, etc.

Let me take you on my personal coffee-tour and explain you why I like all these places, besides from their excellent coffee of course.


Caffenation is the perfect ‘early-morning’-coffee-place. They (we) open at 8.30 and it’s the ideal place to just have a quick espresso or cappuccino at the bar before you start your day. You can also find a more quiet place for you and your laptop and make this coffee bar your office for the day.
One of the biggest assets is probably the terrace where you can enjoy the early-morning-sun from 8.30 until 13h.


If you want more sun & coffee you should go to Broer Bretel. In the summer you can enjoy the sun at their terrace from 12 until closing time! The neighborhood is less busy than the centre of Antwerp so it’s the ideal escape from the city.
Oh and while you’re here, you might as well taste one of the delicious blueberry muffins made by BBQ-legend Big Pappa Joe.


Another more quiet place to go is Kolonel Koffie. Barista Kobe is always in for a chat and his girlfriend makes the BEST muffins ever! Sometimes I don’t even go there for a coffee, i just read the newspaper and have myself a chocolate-coco-muffin.


If you like shopping AND coffee you should go to Sussies where they have a nice selection of second-hand clothing. After your purchase you can have a coffee in their cosy living room.


If you like shopping and coffee but you have no time to waste you can get a take-away coffee at Snackbar Koffie (Hopland).


Where I also like to go is Normo. Their coffee is tasty and fresh. And so are the baristas ;).

There are many other coffee bars in Antwerp. But these are the ones I visit the most.
So I guess I will see you around sippin’ on coffee?


Guest post 3: Selfie Joke

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noun Informal.
a photograph that one takes of oneself with a digital camera or a
frontfacing smartphone, tablet, or webcam, especially for posting on a socialnetworking or photosharing website like twitter or instagram.

After the #selfie , #someoneelsie #nomakeupselfie and #oscarselfie I think it’s time for the #antwerpenstreetstyleselfie .
And since I was already carrying my camera around to make pictures of caffeine-heads, I thought I might as well give it a try.









Guest post 2: People who visit coffee bars

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As I told you in a previous blogpost, I really like the diversity of people who visit coffee bars. They are not just one type of people. They are different in age, have different jobs, interests, and looks. Some come for their daily shot of caffeine before they go to work, some take big lattes so they can drink their coffees slowly while reading gossip-magazines, some people come to have a chat with their friends, and some just come in for a hot chocolate.


1alinaenwarrenAlina, 21, sales-associate at Vans and upcoming furniture-designer, drinks double-shot lattes and Warren, 27, tattoo artist, drinks iced mocchacinos.

2saskiaSaskia, 38, owner of the Wicked PR, drinks ginger spice.

3yannickYannick, 33, sous-chef at Bistrot Miro, drinks double ristretto.

4merdanensofieSofie, 25, freelance-journalist, drinks cortado and Merdan, 30, dj and producer, drinks cortado.

5zjoskeZjoske, 27, marketing and communication associate, drinks flat white.


6willemWillem, 6, skaterboy, drinks hot chocolate.

7glennenjeroenGlenn, 32 Visual Merchandiser at Urban Outfitter in Amsterdam, drinks triple-shot-lattes with lots of sugar and Jeroen, 32, Visual merchandiser at Urban Outfitters in Antwerp, drinks triple-shot-lattes.


8leenLeen, 45, sales-associate at COS, drinks double-shot-soy-lattes.

9tiesTies, 25, freelance photographer, drinks cappuccino.

10robbertenellenRobbert, 25, bartender at Brasserie Berlin, drinks double ristretto and Ellen, 27, consultant, drinks flat white.


- Love, J.

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