Guest post III: Left Bank

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On my list of favourite things, after my friend Sarah and the shop Dreadlovers, is a place where I like to bring nice people, a bottle of Chardonnay, some good music (maybe a guitar?), and picnic. It’s the other side of Antwerp, across the Scheldt, called Linkeroever. There you can find kilometers of quay where you can walk or chill. When you’re lucky, the weather is nice, you can sit down on one of the many benches, and admire the skyline of Antwerp. If you’re feeling sporty, you can get there through the pedestrian tunnel and otherwise you can just take the public transport (but I would highly recommend the tunnel). Aaaaaaand best of all, it’s less crowded and there’s a better view than on the other quay at Rechteroever on sunny days.



Guest post II: Dreadlovers

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DreadloversBeing a visual person, I challenged myself to see what you don’t see and show it to your pretty faces. Today and tomorrow, I will be presenting you two really nice places I truly enjoy visiting.

Dreadlocks have always drawn my attention, they look so soft and natural. And I’m guessing you might think they smell bad and are full of insects but that’s just a rumor. If you treat them right, they even are very clean! Believe me, I had eleven of these bastards and I got really attached to them (until I realized I have too less hair and I had no spare hair left, which looked very weird). If your hair is long enough, you can even do a lot of different hairstyles with them.


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Guest Post I: Sarah

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Woohoo! I’m ready to write! Some good old Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ blasting through my matte black headphones and I’m feeling great. First things first, I should probably warn you that I’m a very visual person, and I mostly think in photographic-ish kind of images. So for me writing is a big challenge. Even though, I truly enjoy the view (haha) of my hands typing and the idea of people reading my thoughts or – if I may dream big – inspire you. Okay, I’m wandering off. Let’s start today with my very very first streetstyle of my series. This fashionable lady, called Sarah, also happens to be my best friend and will probably join me on my streetstyle journey.

“I love the contradiction of simple yet special, cheap yet chic and black yet bright. I don’t have one particular style, I have many and love to combine and create.”

- Sarah

Our August guest blogger: artist Mélanie Lambrechts

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Blog talks can do many good things, such as finding the cutest guest blogger! This debuting artist has also tons of talent. But I’ll let Mélanie tell you more about herself…


Mélanie at her expo at Zomerzintuigen

Well hello readers, I am Mélanie Lambrechts (aka Mel Lucy Bruneel) and I recently turned 20 years young. I met Helen and Tine on a little exposition in Antwerp called Espectro: ‘Zomerzintuigen’ on the 10th of August. I was exposing my work there when I saw these amazing girls giving a speech about their blog. I approached them to talk about their cool initiatives.  And so, now I’m here, writing for the coolest blog about the sweetest city of Europe (and maybe the world?).

Melanie_2Studying Art in Antwerp

I’ve been living close by Antwerp my whole life and will start studying here for the second year. Last year, I studied Visual Arts at the Kunsthumaniora in Berchem. I joined a seventh year of secondary school so I could properly prepare for taking art as a higher study. I will talk about this year later on because it’s a really interesting course to follow (people who didn’t get into the Fashion Academy of Antwerp, also get recommended to follow this study at the Kunsthumaniora).  In July, I passed the entrance examination for painting at Sint-Lucas (I know! Lucky me!).

So I guess that’s what keeps me going: painting, drawing, photographing, filming, writing (yes, I wrote my own book J), etc. I like everything visual; some good eye candy can really make my day. I walk through the city almost daily so that also really inspires me. I’ll be trying to deliver you some sweet-ass-eye inspiring candy from the streets of Antwerp!Melanie_boek

The ups and downs of the city

If I find some spare time, I like to sit in my room and watch some series or movies, go to small or big festivals, read (I recently read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo  and it really blew me away!), travel through Belgium or Europe, chill out at the Vlot in Antwerp (or some other cool places I will show you later on).

But you know? That’s the thing I really like about Antwerp, most people are so down-to-earth in such a cool way. And then you have these crazy people who you mostly only meet if you know the city well enough, who show you the best of Antwerp. I hear a lot about Antwerp that people are always down, grey and depressed, but that’s not true! They’re mostly just living in their own mind and need some time to adjust to strangers talking to them. But once they notice you have a good heart, they’re the nicest (and opinionated, which makes it very interesting)  people you will ever meet.

The thing that grinds my gears here is the public transport or other crowded places, but that’s because I’m really grossed out by germs and I barely dare to breath when I’m surrounded by many people, especially in small areas. But let’s not focus on negative energies, I can’t wait to show you the optimistic side of Antwerp: the fine people, good vibes, and artistic places. You will hear from me soon!

Greetings, Mel


My art work (Facebook page)

My photography (Flickr)

Deviantart (that urgently needs an update)





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Emma | Antwerpen Streetstyle

I spotted Emma earlier this week at a thrift shop. I love her oldschool style, especially the choker and scrunchie. The coat goes perfectly with this outfit; it makes her look fashionable and classy at the same time.

Events for today & the weekend

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(1) Meeting of Styles

What: Meeting of Styles is an event that brings grafitti artists from all over the world together. Obviously, Antwerp is the perfect creative hub to do so and the walls at the Zomerfabriek are just screaming for a lick of paint! Go admire the artists’ talent or visit the adjacent street market.
When: Friday 22 August (that’s today!) to Sunday 24 August.
Where: Near Zomerfabriek, Minkelersstraat (2018).
Website: Meeting of Styles

(2) Drag Delight for One Night

What: Let’s start with kudos for the fun name of this party, shall we? Organiser Vincent Van Reusel is blogger for Strutterview and this month he was the reporter at Antwerp Pride for This Is Antwerp. Since I am about to go study the master Gender & Diversity you can understand I am pretty interested in the flexibility of gender. I wish I could go, inspired by that old blog of The Female Dragqueen, but instead I have to focus on getting my bachelor degree.
When: Saturday 23 August, from 11 PM to 6AM.
Where: Den Aalmoezenier, Aalmoezenierstraat 46.
Website: Facebook event
Price: €3 incl. 1 free drink.

(3) Antwerp Vintage Market

What: A retro lifestyle is still big business. Even so big that this Sunday the entire Waagnatie will be stuffed with goods from earlier decades. Think of: clothes, accessories, furniture, etc. Of course there will also be a DJ who spins some oldschool tunes.
When: Sunday 24 August, from 12 AM to 7 PM.
Where: Waagnatie, Rijnkaai 150.
Website: Retro Lifestyle


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Kacper | Antwerpen Streetstyle

I love this casual and sporty outfit, it reminds me of the ’90s!

The windbreaker jacket is perfect for this week’s weather, since it can change from sunny to rainy in a minute.

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