Events this week

(1) Black Friday at Kudeta

What: The exclusive men’s store Kudeta invites you all to come binge-shopping this Friday because they are doing some amazing sales and will be presenting new items from brands such as Billionaire’s Boys Club.
When: Friday 28 November, from 11AM to 8PM.
Where: Kudeta, Kammenstraat 64
Website: Facebook

(2) Grafixx

What: If you’re searching me this weekend, I’ll be at Grafixx to report for This Is Antwerp. Read my interview with Ephameron on their blog to find out what this art & music festival is all about!
When: Friday 28 November to Sunday 30 November
Where: DE Studio, Maarschalk Gérardstraat 4
Website: Grafixx

(3) SNITT.

What: Let’s be honest, the best part about rummage sales are the clothes. This market is entirely filled with second-hand clothing. Plus I heard that the blogger from Polienne will be selling stuff too. Double score!
When: Sunday 30 November, from 10AM to 6PM.
Where: Renault garage, Tunnelplaats 3-5
Website: Snitt.

Guest post 2: Architectural street style #2

For Antwerpen Streetstyle I’ve asked a few of my most stylish friends for their favorite buildings in Antwerp. In this second and final post, I’m showing you two lesser known buildings in the city.

Camiel, 25, architect.
Wears: Soulland, bwgh, Grenson
Loves: Résidence Isabella, an apartment building from the 30s, for its interesting location where it catches the last sunlight of the day and subtle detailing

Sophie, 22, architect and jewelry designer for her brand Sternum
Wears: & other stories, COS, H&M, Avalanche, Sternum & Maje
Loves: an anonymous and abandoned building in the Simonsstraat, for its amount of detailing that contrasts with the dull neighboring buildings

Read Hannelore Veelaert’s introduction post here and all her other posts here.

Guest post 1: Architectural street style

For Antwerpen Streetstyle I’ve asked a few of my most stylish friends for their favorite buildings in Antwerp.  In this first post, I’m showing you three well-known architectural masterpieces.


Paulien, 24, architect.

Wears: WE, H&M, Mango, Sacha & COS

Loves: Police Tower by Renaat Braem, for being an icon in the Antwerp skyline

Oudaan 5


Eva, 25, architect.

Wears: Zara, Mango, Nike & COS

Loves: BP building by Léon Stynen & Paul De Meyer, for its innovative and daring structural principles, where form follows function without losing any beauty or detail

Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 162

anne sofie

Anne-Sofie, 24, architect.

Wears: COS & H&M

Loves: Renaat Braem’s own home, for its remarkable design, which is appropriate for the neighborhood despite its modernistic principles, and for the amount of detail that can be found in the building

Menegemlei 23 (Deurne)

Read Hannelore Veelaert’s introduction post here and all her other posts here.

Our guest blogger for November: Hannelore Veelaert

Our latest guest blogger Hannelore Veelaert is another girl with an amazing eye for the aesthetic. We have been fans of her blog and instagram account for ages so we are very excited to have her featured on the blog this month!



my name is Hannelore and some of you might know me as the blogger behind Au Pays Des Merveilles or from instagram.  I graduated as an architect this summer and right now I am working as a freelance photographer (mostly focused on architecture), while looking for a full-time job.  I’m still figuring out if that other job will be as an architect or if I want to find something else that combines my other passions (interior and graphic design, blogging, photography,…) but we’ll see where I’ll end up!

If you’ve been following my blog, you already know that I spent 5 months in Lisbon and fell head over heels in love with that city.  However, Antwerp was my first love: I grew up in a small city in Limburg, but always spent a lot of time in Antwerp as most of my family lives here.  Visiting this big city with all of its inspiring people and places left a big impression on me as a little kid and made me dream of the day I could finally move here.  About a year ago, I did.  As I spent the past year focused on graduating, I didn’t get to explore the city as much as I would have liked to, but now that I have that diploma in my hands I’m definitely working on getting to know Antwerp better and I just love sharing my discoveries!

For Antwerpen Streetstyle, I’ll show you that architects are not always wearing black from head to toe and share some of Antwerp’s most remarkable buildings.



Design our blog header/ header by Nima Rasoolzadeh

In our new blog design, we see our header as our own exhibition space. We can even change it per blog post! That is why we are giving artists the opportunity to share their artwork on Antwerpen Streetstyle. You can send your pieces at all times to or give us a link to your tumblr/portfolio so we can select an image. Conditions: 1. you have a connection with Antwerp, 2. you present us art, not an ad, 3. we can accept your work, but also reject it.

Now over to a little information on this blog header, drawn by Nima Rasoolzadeh. Nima is a creative do-all who is now featured in the short film Medicine Men by Freddy Lond. It is quite a dark film that contains as many curse words as Pulp Fiction. I especially like the characters’ multilingualism, which is a feature of many young people from Antwerp and even more Brussels.

Events this week

  (1) Feiern

What: Feiern is a house party in Antwerp that has stayed underground for a long while – until suddenly all you readers discovered it ;). The party is on a boat, which also gives a nice extra dimension. Further on, the organisers describe Feiern as having a special vibe, ‘filled with love and love for music’.
When: Saturday 15 November, from 11PM.
Where: Straatsburgdok – Zuidkaai
Website: Facebook event
Price: €10

(2) Lucy’s hele taart feest

What: A very warm congratulations to Bar Lucy! The bar has been open for 1 year so this weekend will consist of 3 days partying. There will be live music, a movie night, a photo exposition, and a pizza party. You only needed that last argument, right?
When: Friday 14 November – Sunday 16 November
Where: Bar Lucy, Koepoortbrug 4 (at Minderbroedersrui)
Website: Facebook event

(3) Badboot winter edition

What: The Badboot is a swimming pool in summer and a ice-skating rink. As from today the Badboot has become icy so strap on your ice skates! You can also try a match of curling or visit the boots at the nearby CadX event hall.
When: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 2PM to 6PM, all days during the holidays.
Where: Kattendijkdok nr 22 (near Londonbrug)
Website: Badboot

Noë – part 2: the give-away (closed)

Since it still is our 5 year anniversary, we are always happy when a brand gives us the opportunity to spoil our readers. And boy, Noë really knows how to make people happy!

We are giving away 2 pairs of ‘Shooties’.

You can see them in an outfit in this morning’s street style post of Laura. Read this post if you want to hear my enthusiasm about the red ones that I bought (see the picture below).

To win you have to…

1. Like us on Facebook
2. Tell us which shade you want to try on in the comments/ on our FB page

Do also like Noë on Facebook to get updates on sales, temporary seasonal collections and to get styling ideas.

If you win, you can choose any colour you want at Noë, Kloosterstraat 96. The competition ends on Wednesday 19 November.

Good luck!

EDIT: the winners have been announced on our Facebook page.